Change rules for voting on changes

Idea created by Robert Dewis on Oct 24, 2016
    This idea has been developed and deployed to the Canvas Community


    I can't believe you require 100 people to support an idea before implementing it.  We are all very busy and can't go on Canvas to review all the ideas people have to vote on them.  If an idea is submitted, Canvas should send out an announcement notifying users that this idea has been submitted, inviting us to vote it up or down.  I don't know how any idea could get passed with the current system.  I've seen some very logical ideas that I thought of, only to find out it's already been submitted, voted on, not get enough votes, and dismissed.  Something as simple as being able to edit a comment if an instructor mistypes something that could be embarrassing?  How hard would that be, and why on Earth would that simple and logical idea have to be voted on?