Increase Gradebook Note Character limit

Idea created by Cynthia Debes on Oct 27, 2016
    Open for Voting

    While a similar idea was suggested before (No Note Character Limit ), I think the Gradebook Notes column is a valuable feature that, with an increased character limit, would be even more useful.  Currently, each note is limited to 255 characters.  This is an extremely short amount of content, especially if you want to keep track of information over time.


    In my situation, I co-teach a course with four other instructors, and the course enrollment extends for two semesters (one academic year). We would like to be able to use the Notes field in the gradebook as a way to keep track of information or interactions with students as a means of communicating over time with our co-teachers. This way, if I work with a student and I have helpful information about interacting with this student that would benefit my co-teachers, I can add that information to the notes field. It simultaneously serves as an additional record of the students' work and behavior. Unfortunately, the 255 character limit makes clear communication from one teacher to another difficult, and it doesn't really allow for more than one note to carry forward. With two semesters and multiple teachers working with our students, the current limit decreases the value and functionality of an otherwise excellent feature.


    While I appreciate that an unlimited/open field may not be possible/supportable, but I would expect that a significant increase in the limit is possible. 1000 - 1500 characters, perhaps?


    [For reference, the above post content is 1475 characters.]