Lower the votes required for Admin level requests

Idea created by Dave Schober on Nov 10, 2016
    • Stefanie Sanders
    • Susan Jones
    • Dave Schober
    • Amy Carpenter
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    I am frequently forwarded, by Canvas support, to previous awesome ideas that never meet the vote requirement.  It make sense to me that items that could help Admins would have less visibility.  For instance, why would a general user care about the permissions that a sub-account admin has?  Why would it matter that the emails sent for enrollments cannot be customized?  That's awesome that someone else had the same idea as me a year ago, but it doesn't help to know that the focus on new ideas is the front-end UI.  You can't forget about the back end.  My suggestion would be to have a separate 'bucket' for Admins to submit feature requests/ideas that require less votes.  Alternatively, if an idea has been submitted before, maybe lower the requirements incrementally for each time it has been suggested.