Add instructions for Establishing Extended Time for Quizzes by Individual Student

Idea created by Kerri McBee-Black on Dec 12, 2016
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto

    I discovered that if I establish a time specific quiz, offered during my class time (75 minutes), starting and ending at a specific time AND I have students who are granted extended time because they have been granted extended time through our office of disability that the moderate quiz feature does not override the available until feature and will in fact end that student's time earlier than it should.  I had to go in and add start and end times for each individual student taking my exam with extended time so that they would not get kicked out early. It appears to me that this is counterintuitive to the moderate quiz feature.  If I am establishing individual exam start and end times I don't need to moderate quiz feature.  I am proposing that the Canvas Help Guide include a note in the section about moderating quizzes or granting extended time that explicitly states that using this feature will not extend the time of the exam if the available until feature has been enabled on that quiz.  Otherwise, the help guide needs to have a section that deals with extending time on an exam when the exam will have a specific end time.