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Idea created by David Thornton on Dec 10, 2016
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    I would like an option to add a simple calculator to questions on Canvas quizzes. Ideally one that would work with lock down browsers.


    Currently I am working on offering a calculations quiz for one of my Nursing classes. I am attempting to embed a basic calculator or add one via iframe on each question and am having little luck. This has proven to be a bit of a daunting task and I have spent several hours trying to learn and understand basic HTML coding and find a length of code or iframe tag from a site offering https. Several of the other nursing professors are interested in this option as well but have found it too complicated to set up. If their was a simple HTML based calculator saved to a trusted page on canvas's site it could be offered as an option in the question tool bar. This could automatically provide a link or iframe to the calculator and embed it in the question as a widget, allowing the student to access it while working on a quiz question. 


    This would provide several benefits first it would be one less thing for students to carry or buy, instructors would also not have to worry about a student bringing a calculator, or the testing center having enough calculators for a large group of students. Additionally, this eliminates the need for instructors to check to see if each student is using a scientific calculator which could be used to cheat on some equation. By using HTML coding it would be compatible with most browsers and it would avoid problems with flash based widgets. If this works well a future offering of a scientific calculator option could also be nice for more advanced math classes.


    That said, I really feel this is a great product and I appreciate all the hard work the canvas team has put in to it.


    Thank you for your consideration,

    David Thornton


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