SCORM Analytics

Idea created by Elizabeth Miller on Feb 1, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Our institution just switched to Canvas from another LMS.  In our previous LMS we were able to see analytics for SCORM objects.  These analytics included all responses students submitted, on what iteration of going through the lesson they submitted them, how many times they completed the lesson, how long they spent on the lesson, and what their scores should be.  This was extremely valuable because I have found that the scores for my SCORM lessons (Created in Articulate Storyline) do not always update reliably in the LMS gradebook.  This has happened for both LMS's.  I cannot figure out why, but students send me screen shots showing their final score and that is not what is reflected in the gradebook.  I have also been able to replicate this behavior myself.  Anyways, having those analytics gave me a place to check to see the correct scores.  It also allowed me to see student answers to essay questions and which questions students did not understand well.