Create an Easy Way to View Canvas Support Tickets

Idea created by Laura Lawrence on Feb 6, 2017
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    • Rob Ditto

    As a Canvas admin, I frequently have several open tickets--some of my own and often some submitted on behalf of the faculty I support. This is really two suggestions in one:


    1. Always include a title in email updates regarding Canvas tickets. For ex., this morning I received this:


    Subject: Canvas Support Update: Canvas Case # 01313668 ref:_00DA0Ibsk._500A0RpwJg:ref



    Your Canvas case 01313668 has been updated with a new message.

    Hello, We've deployed a fix for this issue in our Beta environment. If all goes well, it will make it to the live Production environment on February 18, 2017. This ticket will remain in an "On-Hold" status until then. Admins and instructors: Feel free to try out the fix if you have time. As a reminder, your normal login should get you into Beta if you simply add ".beta" to your institution's Canvas URL (i.e. ""). Keep in mind that the Beta environment has outbound notifications disabled (it's for testing only). Apologies to any students who are receiving this message; testing in Beta is most often disabled for students at various institutions. However, rest assured that we are working to have this issue addressed soon. We will notify you of any changes to the status of this fix. We appreciate your time and attention - if you have any questions about this message or this fix, please feel free to contact Support. Keep Learning! Support Panda Notifier of Things


    Canvas Support


    There is no easy way for me to determine the subject of this ticket. As it turns out, this was in reference to an issue that was raised by a faculty member at my institution several weeks ago. A Canvas phone support agent was able to look it up by Case # and let me know what the subject was. However, if all tickets simply had a subject line rather than just a case # and a string of letters and numbers, it sure would be helpful.


    2. Along similar lines, would it be possible for every user to have a place, preferably on the Account page, that shows all Help Center tickets? An analogy would be the way you can go to your own account page in eBay and see all open items you are in the process of buying and selling. It wouldn't have to be detailed--maybe just a link to the ticket and its status. I can certainly see how this would be helpful for admins who are often keeping track of several tickets, but it would also be helpful to an ordinary faculty or student user who wants to know the status of tickets they have submitted. I realize this will have to link across the Support domain to the live institutional domain, but I"m guessing there's a programmer who would love to take on that challenge.