Let iPhone-owning students upload to Arc Video

Idea created by Glen Gummess on Feb 13, 2017
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    We have nursing courses where students are required to video record clinical activities, sometimes lasting up to a half-hour, which they upload to Arc-enabled assignments.  The instructor reviews these video with comments on the timeline, a critical feedback feature!  Some students use iPhones, but they cannot upload their work to their Arc collections from their iPhones.  But Android 5.7 users can.


    Nothing could be more persuasive to get this done without delay than the release notes of January 23, which state: "In this Canvas by Instructure update, the (Android 5.7) app supports Arc assignment submissions for students" (parenthetical is mine).  


    This would be of immense value to students who rely on their iPhones but are challenged by the transfer of those videos to their iMacs, whose tools are less than user-friendly.  FYI, we already recommend that students compress the videos on their iPhones before uploading, as the default sizes in HD are usually way too large to handle over "home internet connection" speeds.  


    The ability for iPhone users to upload their videos to their Arc collections on the same footing as their Android 5.7 peers is absolutely essential.  It needs to happen, now, with all due respect.  


    Glen Gummess,

    Academic Technology

    University of St. Francis,



    Comments from Instructure


    For more information, please read through the Canvas by Instructure Release Notes (iOS 3.18) .