Adjusting the dates after the course has been imported

Idea created by Matthew Seibert on Feb 14, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Wouldn't it be great if we could adjust the dates of a course after it has been imported? I noticed that once a course has been imported, we users cannot go back and change the dates "en masse" or globally. However when we are importing the course, say from another course, we can shift and adjust the dates beforehand. This would not require much tweaking to fix, in fact there are workarounds that use the API where you can view the dates in a spreadsheet and edit them. Technically, it should be possible. Pile of dates on the left, let's move you into pile of dates on the right. All Canvas coders would have to do is take the fields for each of the dates, say Jan. 20 to May 20, and then shift them to a new specified set of dates, Aug. 20 to Dec. 20; which is already done, only now it would be done after the import process has been completed and not before. We would only have to ask Canvas to enable the shifting after the course has been imported, as opposed to before. It's a simple fix.