Detect TA role for global navigation

Idea created by Edward Dormady on Mar 3, 2017
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    • Edward Dormady
    • Jason Hill
    • Greg Crum
    • Andrew McDonald
    • cesbrandt

    In order to determine a user's role, it is necessary to add 'TA' as a possible element in the environmental variable ENV.current_user_roles. This would allow custom logic to differentiate among students and teachers when a student is a TA. Currently that student user is arbitrarily assigned the teacher role in the array. This prevents selection of the student TA population separate from teachers for purposes of custom icons and links that may need to be displayed on the global navigation menu. 


    I have attached two images which show the values of the array for teacher and student (TA) and they are identical. This forces all TAs to be treated as if they are teachers and that is not the ideal selection for that population. In this specific case I am attempting to use a single instance of a custom icon/link to direct students to one LTI URL and the teachers to another LTI URL for teacher surveys. The values obtained by a TA on the dashboard level force them to the teacher icon/link.


    Since all teachers are enrolled in a mandatory course, they all obtain the student value in the three-value array.