Change sorting categories for Users in Inbox

Idea created by James C Hughes on Mar 10, 2017
    Open for Voting

    The University I work at has several custom roles that people could have in a course. In the Inbox, it only has 2 roles, and places users as either Teacher or Student (shown below). This becomes a problem, as Instructional Designers are now being contacted by students, as the students assume that having the Teacher role in the Inbox, means that a user is their professor. (Even though they actually hold a different role in the course.)



    My idea would be to add the custom roles that an university put in place, along with the Teacher and Student role, and remove the users from the Teacher / Student role, that have a different customized role, right into the Inbox.


    So for my university, we would have (it would be customized for each school):

    • Teacher
    • Student
    • Course Admin
    • Librarian
    • TA