Student/Teacher grading rubric under grade

Idea created by Hannah Vance on Mar 10, 2017
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    • Camille Pierre

    When I go to my courses individual grades page as a student, I would like to see a grading rubric underneath the letter grade. 


    A few of my classes only show the percentage, rather than a letter grade. In order to calculate my current letter grade, I have to dig through the teacher's syllabus for the grading rubric which shows what exact percentage ranges for each letter grade. Most rubrics are similar, but there is potential for each rubric to be slightly different. Even if the letter grade is shown, I usually look at the rubric to find out how far from the cutoff I am to reach the next letter grade, especially when the end of the semester approaches. I would like the teachers to have an option to insert an image of the grading rubric underneath the grade or somewhere that it is more readily visible.