Display just "Letter Grade" Not points associated with letter grade

Idea created by Allison Kallo on Mar 14, 2017
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    Can't a letter grade just be a letter grade?Grades without points 


    Hiya! I work with a lot of faculty who would like to use a ✓+, ✓, ✓- system for grading daily or weekly assignments. For these assignments, they want to give students qualitative feedback but not concern them with points.  So, we set up a grading schema to display the "letter grade" (in our case ✓+, ✓, ✓-), but Canvas still shows the numbers associated with each option, defeating the purpose of the ✓+, ✓, ✓- system.  

    So, Canvas engineers and decision makers, can you please create a way to hide from students the numbers associated with a "letter grade" in a grading schema, so that a student only sees that they received a ✓+, ✓, ✓-  for an assignment when they view their grades. (Of course this would also mean hiding the "out of" display on the assignment page.)  This could also work in a way similar to complete/incomplete - just with additional options.  (See image below!)