Allow 'Show Students ONLY the Mastery Gradebook' option (for individual courses)

Idea created by Matthew Mikulski on Mar 15, 2017
    Open for Voting

    We would like to implement standards-based grading for all of our honors courses at our grades 6-12 institution. Yet there are two big features missing from the Learning Mastery Gradebook that currently make it unsuitable, in our very well-deliberated opinion, as the tool to so so. One of those missing features is the option to completely hide (maybe even disable?) the regular, percentage-based gradebook from the view of students. Not only is it double-work for teachers, keeping up with point totals, percents and then separately translating that into a 1-4 scale (for example), but its confusing (and ultimately defeats the purpose of the powerful language of SBG) to have students first see a % when they 'View Grades,' and then have to navigate into the LMG for the other story. Johnny might feel great seeing that he has an 81% -- and in non-standards-based grading, he should -- but an 81% could mean that he's meeting or exceeding on three of the class's mastery standards but below mastery in the fourth


    The only implementations of SBG that I've ever seen, and I imagine the way most schools want to do it -- would be to let Johnny know with crystal clarity that while he's doing great in three areas of what the class requires, he really needs to improve in the fourth -- lest he end up failing the course. In case it helps, here is an example of how SBG might be set up, in an honors biology course... you might have four mastery standards: Communicating experimental results as a scientist; Understanding current scientific theories and their context to one another; Recognizing and utilizing biological sciences vocabulary (reading and writing); and Using collaboration, together with other tools, to continually revise and improve work.


    Please help pre-collegiate educators shift the language in which we train our students to think about their academic efforts!