Peer Review within a group and outside a group

Idea created by Karen Matson on Mar 20, 2017

    Faculty want to do peer reviews and they like the tool but there needs to be some way besides manually to take advantage of groups that already exist.

    When faculty assign a peer review they either want it to be people within the group so they can evaluate their fellow group members. Allow intra-group peer review would then ONLY assign people within that group to be reviewed.


    Faculty want there to be a peer review that is ONLY for people outside of the group to be reviewed. If we have six groups then we want people in group one to review people in group three; can't there be a button for Canvas to first recognize that it is a group assignment and then automatically assign to a group that is NOT the group? Canvas does recognize that it has a group assignment but then to take that information forward to the peer review part of the task is what we are looking for.


    Thank you,

    Karen Matson