Jpeg file size resized in Canvas

Idea created by Susan Winter on Mar 20, 2017
    • Susan Winter

    I would like Canvas to resize jpegs, submitted in assignments by students, to be auto-resized to a manageable one so when the instructor opens it in speed grader, the resolution is not so large that it is difficult to view in the browser. Canvas already has the technology to do this since they use it when someone uploads a profile photo.


    We have assignments where students need to take a photo with their phone and submit it. Since you cannot edit resolution of a photo in the phone itself, the students are uploading very large photos. Unless the student knows how to download the image to their computer and has software that can resize it, the image will retain the native size. It would not be difficult for Canvas to assess the image, upon upload, and shrink it proportionally to a large, but reasonable size. (I can suggest sizes if needed).


    Does anyone else have students upload photos as assignments?