Option to silently ignore nonmatching lines and columns in imported gradebook

Idea created by Chuck Yeung on Apr 1, 2017
    Open for Voting

    When importing a csv file into gradebook, CANVAS flags every row and column that it does not match and forces the user to click on a button for every single mismatch to tell Canvas to ignore that row or column.  Canvas should have a setting or button that allows the user to ignore all nonmatching rows and/or columns at once instead of forcing the user to go through each mismatch one by one.


    For example, I use a homework service for 5 sections of a class taught by different faculty.  We import one grade file for all the classes.  Presently I have to manually separate the grade files into each section and before importing it to Canvas.  Otherwise I would have to go through and manually tell Canvas to ignore 80% of the file which contains names that don't match the section.  This problem will become more of an issue in the future since my institution is now telling me that one can no longer merge classes due to FERPA regulations.