Engineering 'Prefix' and Scientific Number formats necessary for very large and very small numbers

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    Essential Quiz Capabilities Required for Engineering education to be able to use CANVAS - Scientific and Engineering Prefix formats necessary to represent very large and very small numbers.


    Who do I talk to to make sure the new Quiz/assessment package coming for canvas meets our requirements for teaching and assessing Engineering at Manukau institute of technology (and all other engineering education bodies)?

    Aside from needing to have the package accept student answers and display the variable values provided by the assessment tools in Scientific form as well as the actual number, we also need Engineering Format, which uses alphabetic ‘prefixes’ to replace the ’10 to the power of’ parts of the number. We deal with very small and very large numbers.


    0.03245 Amps          SCI form is  3.245 * 10^-2 (10 to power of -2),          ENG prefix form is  32.45mA    (where m represents 10 to power of -3)


    0.00004567 Amps       is 4.567*10^-5  ,           or     45.67uA


    234500A           is  2.345*10^5A                           or     234.5kA


    Etc etc


    Prefixes are:

    T = 10^12 ,  G = 10^9 , M = 10^6 , k = 10^3 , m = 10^-3 , u = 10^-6 , n = 10^-9 , p = 10^-12


    Without the ability to choose any of these formats (from drop down boxes) for both student entered answers, and assessment variables displayed by the package , the Canvas package will not meet the needs of the Engineering and Scientific industry.

    Please let me know how this is being addressed.