Allow sub-accounts to customize the Help menu

Idea created by Mathieu Plourde on Apr 7, 2017
    Open for Voting

    With the addition of the Help Menu Options at the root level, admins have the power to add and tweak what shows up in the help menu. This is a great improvement over using custom Javascript to swap content client-side. My suggestion is to take this improvement and make it cascade through the sub-accounts, similar to what is being done for themes or custom roles (where permissions can be granted, and/or defaults overridden).



    Colleges, departments, or programs in the same institution usually follow the same rules regarding user support, but sometimes don't. For instance, an online program supported by a 3rd-party vendor might want to funnel the students and faculty to the 3rd-party help desk, not the central campus help desk. A different program might want to add a link to get support for internships. You see my point.