Manually mark assignments late/on time.

Idea created by Joseph Desiderio on Apr 18, 2017

    I would like the ability to manually mark assignments late or on-time in the Canvas gradebook.  I use an external source called TestOut to deliver content to students and it has built-in labs and quizzes that I use for grades.  Since the students complete these outside of Canvas I have to manually enter the grades and would like the ability to toggle if the assignments were completed late.  I would also like the ability to remove the pink indicator of an assignment having be submitted late should I feel the need to do so.


    This is similar to the ideas that were submitted here

    and here that didn't get enough votes. 


    This would really help to give me a better, more accurate, visual representation of how students are doing and would allow me to more effectively communicate with advisors.  


    Thank you.


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