Allow users to set HTML or WYSIWYG editing mode default

Idea created by Sarah Phinney on Apr 20, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Rebecca Ong
    • Rena Petrello
    • Sarah Phinney
    • Nathan Lawson
    • Ryan Glidden
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Robert Lerdsuwanrut
    • Kona Jones

    It would be helpful at times if I could have the rich content editor load in HTML mode by default rather than in the WYSIWYG mode. HTML mode loads much more quickly as evidenced by the fact that when you click edit (on a page or other item that includes the editor) the HTML will display for several seconds before you see the content rendered. There are many times when I want to edit in HTML anyway, and it would be much quicker for me if the editor would just stay in that HTML mode rather than switching automatically to WYSIWYG where I have to click HTML to get back to that view. Countless times I've started to edit the HTML as the editor is loading, forgetting that it will change on me. Perhaps this could be set up as a preference in a user's profile, with the default of course being the current setting of WYSIWYG.