Add rich content editor in ePortfolios

Idea created by Tor Arne Wølner on Apr 21, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • Marek Mendrecki
    • Fleur F.C.W. Deenen
    • Tor Arne Wølner
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Kristin Læret
    • Marianne Hagelia

    It is a little strange that the ability to access and edit the html from text created in the Rich Text Editor is not in ePortfolios. Is it possible to  get the same Rich Content Editor as in Pages, in the ePortfolios. My students present their tests and Exam in a multimodal text in Wikispaces today, but we do want to use Canvas ePortolios. Is it possible  to get the same combined Rich text and html-editor in ePortfolios as in Pages.  My students need to be able to modify multimodal tex in Rich Text, so they actually need to integrate both text, images, video/film, Prezi and HTML in the same table, not in blocs Example:

    Tor Arne