Google Collaborations: Organization and Management

Idea created by Misha Seeker on Apr 25, 2017
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    Managing multiple Google Docs in the Collaborations function is currently a turn-off because Collaborations simply creates a long list of Docs. (see image below)

    My current Collaboration screen

    The above example is for my one 9th grade English class. This is a sampling of only 3 assignments created for 7 of my 9 small groups. But as you can see, using Collaborations for small group work is nearly impossible due to the organization. Management is impossible in this format. As it stands now, Collaborations seems like it only works for an entire class Doc, which I rarely use in my class.


    Furthermore, when creating a Doc for a small group, the title of the Doc is listed, but the group name is not. So, I cannot see which group members are assigned to which Doc in this format. Again, management becomes impossible. 


    It would be best if I could create folders for each of my small groups within Collaboration. Then, I could create Docs within the folders and easily manage my small groups. It would eliminate this long list of Docs as well as the tedious act of going through this list (below) each time I create a new Doc for a group.


    Going back to the list each time I create a Doc gets confusing because it requires me to keep track of where I am on the list. If I could create a Doc within a group folder or even create a Doc and drag it into the group folder, it would be easier to manage.