Dynamic Home Page Content Based on Date

Idea created by Mark Garcia on May 4, 2017
    Open for Voting

    The home pages are a critical part of any course as they offer students guidance on where to begin when they first log in to a course. For many of our faculty, these pages serve a very specific purpose during the beginning of the semester, but, once students have familiarized themselves with the content of the course, the content on this page is then deprecated. At that point, faculty may change the page/content that they have set as the Home page.


    Many of our instructors do things like this:

    TimeframeHome Page
    First week to two weeks of courses"Welcome" page or "Start Here" page or "Syllabus" page
    Remaining weeks of semesterModules page


    My idea is to give instructors the option to set multiple pages in their course that would act as the Home page, and set dates for when each of those pages would become the Home Page. This automation would make it so that Instructors could make their courses somewhat responsive to the timeframe of the semester.


    If only one Home page was specified, then the default state of the home page would be set for the entirety of the course.


    However, if the instructor sets multiple pages as the home page, then he or she must dictate timeframes for each page, with the first page having a starting date that matches the date of the creation of the course, and the last page having no ending date, and being the page that would exist permanently for the duration of the course. Below is an example of the start and end dates for a collection of home pages in this proposed structure:


    Home PageStart DateEnd Date
    Syllabus PageStart of course08/14/17
    Exam I Main Page (First page of Exam I Module)08/15/1709/15/17
    Exam II Main Page (First page of Exam II Module)09/16/1710/16/17
    Exam III Main Page (First page of Exam III Module)10/17/1711/17/17
    Final Exam Main Page (First page of Final Exam Module)11/18/17End of course


    I know that this would require a lot of modifications to the way that Canvas handles home pages, but it would make the courses far more dynamic and versatile, with little need for manual manipulation by instructors beyond the starting date of classes.