Show location of recently added files in Notifications

Idea created by Paula Miranda on May 4, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Currently, when new files are added to a course, a notification is sent to students with a link stating "You can view them here." However, this link simply directs them to the root folder of the Files tool (short screencast example, no audio: 2017-05-04_15-36-05.mp4 - Google Drive ), even though the files were uploaded to subfolders within Files. It also does not flag the newly uploaded files, so once users are in the Files tool, they can't tell which ones they are, since the notification doesn't list the file names.


    Suggestion for better communicating to users what and where the files are located: Listing the names of the files and the subfolders where they are located (if any), and/or making them links directly to the files themselves.


    It looks like this has been requested a few times over the years:


    The current notification is not very informative or useful for multiple files. While some of our instructors introduce new files with an announcement, or use Modules, many simply make the Files tool available and upload content directly to it, generating these notifications. Including the file name and/or linking directly to this file from the notification would help students better locate these new items.