Re-Arranging Sub-Accounts Made Easier

Idea created by Michelle Miller on May 11, 2017
    Open for Voting

    This is a feature for Canvas Admins.  For those of us who are admin and over the organization of sub-accounts, it can be extremely time-consuming to reorganize them.


    A time when reorganizing occurs:


    • A department is merged with a different department. Example: If there are a management and marketing department, and a hospitality management department and the 2 are merged into one.
    • A program is moved under a new department.
    • How subaccounts were initially created needs to be reordered because of a new internal process.


    Any of these situations would call for reordering of subaccounts. However, re-ordering sub-accounts is a completely manual process.  To do this, you have to create a new subaccount, where the courses are supposed to be moved, and then go into each course, go to settings, change the sub-account, save, and then do the next course.  If there are hundreds of courses, this can and will take several hours. 


    However, if you can either identify a cluster courses and move them all at once or simply move an entire sub-account at once this would make the admin management of Canvas much easier. 


    In this image, you can see that the one sub-account could be moved into another.



    image of sub-account indicating move one sub-account to different main subaccount.