NEEDS FIX - Sending [large] Attachments via Canvas

Idea created by Kylie Trelow on May 13, 2017
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Jeffrey Brady

    I recently took a class where we submitted projects through Canvas email - projects using all different types of Microsoft programs.  Throughout the class I noticed I could not find my email submissions for certain projects - Acces Database and PowerPoint projects specifically.  I knew I submitted them, and would not have passed this step as they took so much work!  These are much larger than my Word and Excel projects I had to when I went to resubmit them via Canvas [in a single email], I watched to see if there was anything to indicate why my files did not send the first time.  This time, I noticed there is an 'Uploading' percentage that appeared on the bottom left of the screen.  It cycled through to 100% twice, and I'm assuming once for each attachment (PPT and Access).  This in full took about 5 minutes, and now I'm wondering...did I just close my browser too quickly for my original submission?  Did Canvas not continue to save and send my messages because the attachments were large, and I didn't wait for the email to fully send before closing?


    I believe that is a hiccup in Canvas.  



    *Warn students of this issue, and to check their 'Sent' files and ensure important emails are sent PRIOR to logging off or closing the browser.


    *Find a way to allow Canvas to continue sending emails [esp with large attachments ] after a user clicks 'send' whether or not the browser or tab closes


    *have an auto-save draft function so at least emails not sent due to this issue can be saved.


    It can be very frustrating, and can impact grades!!


    Please look into was very frustrating to go through this, and though I came out okay, others could be seriously impacted by this issue.