Son of 'Smart' Publishing of Modules and Module Contents

Idea created by John Willingham on May 19, 2017
    Open for Voting

    This is a reintroduction of an idea proposed last year by Stephen Simpson. 'Smart' Publishing of Modules and Module Contents Stephen Simpson

    I am hoping to generate sufficient interest in the idea to get it voted onto the product radar.


    Currently, if a user publishes a module, all unpublished content within that module is also published. In certain scenarios, this is undesirable.


    Some of our instructors include post-exam review materials in their modules. Some of the modules are quite long. If they forget to unpublish those items then they would be revealing information that would compromise the exam.


    Another example, listed by Stephen in his original idea proposal, pointed out that publisher textbook resources that populate in mammoth-sized modules, forces the teacher to have to deselect dozens of items (instead of being able to select and publish just the handful of relevant student resources for any given lesson, week, unit, etc.).




    Thank you for your consideration.




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