Improve TurnItIn/Canvas Integration

Idea created by Lisa Moore on Jun 22, 2017
    In Development

    Canvas' Outcomes feature, which enables instructors to track student levels of mastery, is a powerful tool for standards-based grading. TurnItIn's ability to check for student plagiarism is equally beneficial. Districts that pay for both tools should be able to use both at full capacity. Currently, this is not the case.


    When an instructor uses the external tool to require TurnItIn submission from students, only a rubric uploaded to TurnItIn can be used. This rubric is not linked - and not currently linkable - to Canvas' course outcomes. Therefore, instructors who choose TurnItIn submission to check plagiarism sacrifice use of Canvas's Outcomes. As of now, the only way to benefit from both tools is to require students to submit the assignment in two places.  This is inefficient. 


    Districts that pay for both Canvas and TurnItIn deserve to use both tools at full capacity. 


    I know Canvas and TurnItIn can work together to come up with a more effective integration. 


    outcomes turnitin standards based grading