Rubric option to subtract points for late work.

Idea created by Anita Webb on Jun 23, 2017
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    I would like to have the option to add a row in the rubric to subtract points for work being late.


    There  is not  a way that I have come up with to do that.  I tried creating a rubric with minus points; that didn't work.


    In the quizzes, there is a calculation that can be made using the fudge box at the end of the quiz.  I can enter minus points and then the calculation is automatically done when the score updates. It seems something similar should work in a rubric.


    The row, in my imagination, would look something  like this and it would be the last row in the rubric:


    Late work   Does not apply  Grace Period     1 day late       2 days late      3 days late    additions day late  

                                 0                         0                -5 points        -10 points       -15 points       -5 per day


    Or, maybe, simply:


    Late work    Minus 5% per day.


    It's a computer, there has to be an easy way for a computer to do that simple calculation automatically when given the conditions to do it; however, this is not my field of study so I could be completely wrong.