DocViewer Comment boxes TOO big!

Idea created by Samantha Uribe on Jun 26, 2017
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    As part of the formative assessment cycle, I leave comments on my students' work and ask them to "comment back" to me using the "Reply" feature. This worked great with Crocodoc; however, with the new DocViewer, the boxes are very large, even when there isn't a lot of text. This causes comments to take up a ton of space, which means that comments often do not appear next to the part of the assignment in question. They will end up way down the page, making it hard for students to track the comments, and reply to my prompts/questions. Also, as the comment boxes expand with student replies, they cover one another and sometimes the boxes behind cannot be viewed. Students have expressed frustration regarding inability to view all comments, and the only way for them to view the boxes underneath is for me to move the comments around. When I move comments, they no longer point to the part of the assignment that has to be fixed. Please help! docviewer, submission feedback



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    Please see Canvas Release: Canvas DocViewer  for updates


    Please also see Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-10-16) 

    Additional work has been completed in Canvas Beta Release Notes (2018-04-30) & Canvas Beta Release Notes (2018-05-21)