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Idea created by Joel Mills on Jun 28, 2017
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    *Ability to completely disable the moderation tool at course and institution level*

    I am writing this as a use-case for us to promote the request to have the moderate tool as a toggle on or toggle off feature in Canvas.


    I have a situation where by people have incorrectly used the “Moderate” tool in assignments and posted the wrong feedback.


    In the above example, look at student “XXXX" as a case in point. They were awarded a first mark of 40 with a complete set of feedback and annotated document. Reviewer 2 simply commented that they had "completed moderation” of XXXX's work as their only piece of feedback with no grade. (Confusing as this is not second marking, but that is another issue.)


    But, someone in the teaching team has selected the 2nd reviewer as the mark to go forwards and then posted it.


    We MUST retrieve the feedback that was given by the 1st Reviewer which has to be in the system somewhere, even in we have to dig around in databases and tables to get it, a record must be there somewhere.


    The moderation tool is broken in so many ways. I reiterate our plea that I made at our last User-group meeting to be able to disable it at system or course level ASAP. I know that we can remove the permission to use the Moderate tool for certain roles, but this is not enough. We should be able to remove its use completely and not have it as part of our installation.


    I would be interested in your comments and shared experiences with the Moderate tool and hopefully Instructure  (Funmi Sonaiya Christi Wruck ) will listen to us and scope out a better "2nd Marking" tool set and provide us with a way of removing the current one from our installations until that time.

    Note: Removing the permission from the role type is not the same as this request. We are suggesting a feature switch that can be "On, Allow, Off" at the institution level. If the toggle is set to "off", at either course or institution level, the checkbox for "Moderated Grading" in an assignment creation would not exist.



    University of Hull



    Comments from Instructure


    For more information, please read through the Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-07-14) .