The "ISH" Crowd...

Idea created by TerriLynn Mann on Jul 15, 2017
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    Many new students are old "ish" students, going back to a young "ish" classroom.   Do you have great "ish" ideas, new "ish" ways to make things happen, or even want to mention something or someone that made your day better "ish"?  What is the size or length of your "ish", or how many "ish" can we fit here on campus?  The point of the "ish" is to do something different"ish", so what if you gained a pound "ish" or two... its just a little extra "PHat" spelled whit a PH.... "ish".  Be proud you lost it and you "ished" it away.... yep, another new word, the past tense of "ish"???  with an ED!   Join us and share proudly your daily "ish" pretty soon your "ish" and all the others will be a dream for tomorrow's "ishers" and yesterdays "ish" Crowd will be "ish"-ing they could!