Grade to Date

Idea created by Daryl Waldrop on Jul 19, 2017
    • Elizabeth Harazim
    • Sky V. King

    Currently within Canvas there are 2 options for displaying grades.  The “Current” grade is the average of all graded lessons.  The “Final” grade is the average of all published lessons with counting any ungraded lessons as zero.  Unfortunately, neither grade offers an accurate description of the student’s progress.


    Unfortunately, the “Current” grade can give the student an artificially inflated grade.  If the student did not submit something that is past due, it would not be included in the calculation.

    Also, the “Final” grade can give the student an artificially deflated grade.  If the teacher publishes any lessons for a future date, they would be counted as a 0 and therefore would count against the student and lower the grade.


    We suggest that there be offered a third option (grade to date) where the grade would be the average of any lessons in which the due date has passed in the course.  It would count any unsubmitted lessons as 0, but would not include any lessons for which the due date has not passed.  This would give the student an accurate picture of his or her grade based on both what they have done and what they should have done.


    Finally, this “Grade to Date” must be available via the reports and API in order to integrate with external SIS and program integration.

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