Attach Answer Keys to the Assignment Page

Idea created by VIVAT BANGURA-SHANKS on Jul 23, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Nadine Sevens
    • Liz Booth
    • Jenny Holte
    • Nicholas Jones

    When working with quizzes, I've noticed that teachers are able to attach an answer key.  Specifically, this can be done when an essay question type is selected.  However, the feature is not available when working with assignments.  I propose that a feature to attach an answer key to assignments be added.  By so doing, students will be able to aimmediate feedback on their work.  By the same token, students will also be able to check their answers when working under the group feature since group work can only be submitted via assignments. Making such a feature available would assist in making students more self-sufficient rather than waiting for teacher corrections.