Chosen Student View

Idea created by Rolfe Petschek on Jul 21, 2017
    Open for Voting

    I propose that the instructor of record of a course and teaching assistants designated by the instructor of record should be able to view the Canvas Website for that course as if they were a given specific student.  They should be able to decide if they will or will not see that student's grades - the default should be not to see them.  If possible it would be useful if such a person could "act" as that student provided any actions that they take as such a student should show only while they are signed on as that student.  Student View allows the instructor to see what a generic student sees.  However, there are times when this is inadequate.  Students may belong to different sections, different groups, etc., and may also have different permissions from the instructors.   Viewing as a designated student, the instructor or TA should have the same permissions as that student.  There are a variety of times when seeing what specific students or students from specific sections see would be helpful.  One is to check for sure that the syllabus and assignments are complete and readable for all sections and classes of students - multiple due dates can be hard to see in the instructor view.  Another is to present the syllabus on the first day of classes, specifically and clearly for each section.  Finally, if a student asks a question about a collaboration, group or similar, it may be effective to show them exactly where to find it, as them, even if they are not physically present.  Finally acting as the student can be useful for demonstrating appropriate actions to students.


    This is a function that Canvas administrators can currently "make happen" in the privacy of their office.  It would be convenient if instructors could also make it happen, in front of their classes.   This idea is similar to "Real" student view, but has somewhat more / different functionality.