Arc Video Access for Teachers on App

Idea created by Glen Gummess on Jul 25, 2017
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    • Daniel Mainwaring
    • Clint Jacobsen
    • Kona Jones

    What I am about to suggest now was available in the spring of this year, 2017. Students can now upload videos directly from their iPhone or other smart or mobile device to the "Arc Media Library" in their courses via the Canvas app. As a Canvas administrator and teacher, I, too, was able to do this so that I could demonstrate it to others.  Our university is trying to advance Arc video as a major innovation to combine video with social and academic interaction.  


    That advance has now been blocked by the inability, suddenly discovered by chance this week, that teachers can not upload a video to the Arc Media Library from their smartphone. Teachers had the ability to do so in the spring; I could do it and show others how to do so. That is what I am strongly putting forth in this post-- restore that capability.  


    I will try to paint this with a broad brush to put my request in context:  Online learning is still not embraced by a large plurality, if not majority, of academics, who view with askance the promises that online learning is at least as good as face-to-face traditional classroom instruction, (or no worse), and that it enhances convenience and access for students and teachers alike.  It's easier to convince academics of online learning's benefits when innovations such as Arc video can so demonstrably engage and energize students and faculty alike.  


    Too, instructional designers like myself are charged with the mission of raising the digital literacy of educators so that they can, in turn, impart those successes to their students. I could quote you studies that back me up on this premise. I hold that Arc video is one of those tools that can "raise the bar" in a fun and engaging way for all concerned.  


    Give teachers the same ability to upload videos to Arc as students now have-- from their smartphones via the Canvas app. And please, without delay, put that ability in the new Canvas Teachers app, which by and large looks terrific.