Amazon Alexa - Learning Ideas

Idea created by James May on Jul 27, 2017
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    Just saw the presentation on Alexa at #instcon17, I am thrilled. Can't wait to share However, while I am excited about the ability to learn about my grade and what assignments are due, what I would really like to see is a tool that helps my students learn. How can we add retrieval practice activities, shared videos, shared takeaways, shared announcements, shared previews of what they will need to know in class the next day. 


    Here are some examples


    1. Alexa what were the key take aways from class today? (Teacher could summarize key take aways in an area of canvas and then Alexa could respond with an abbreviation of the key take aways)
    2. Alexa quiz me on what we learned in class today! (Alexa could then ask questions related to content in the course). 
    3. Alexa what should I be thinking about to prepare for class tomorrow! (This could be an amazing tool for helping students get ready and think about things coming up in class) 
    4. Alexa what announcements do I have?
    5. Alexa play any videos my teacher shared with us on the TV


    I think there is also a lot of potential for Alexa virtual teaching assistance in the classroom, but I will save those ideas for another post.