No MISSING label for zero-point assignments

Idea created by Gregory Beyrer Champion on Aug 3, 2017
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


    I like the new assignment labels and am glad to see the information presented prominently to both instructors and students. However, there is a problem with assignments that are set up with a zero-point value where the student receives zero or negative points. For example, this summer I had a class with extra-credit assignments. Students who chose not to do those assignments see a MISSING label on their grades page. Students who do not do extra-credit assignments ought not to receive feedback that is so punitively styled.


    A second example is more important. Many of the assignments in my class this summer were group assignments, and I have students submit peer feedback using a Google Form. (It was a lot easier than using a Canvas survey.) I use the form results to calculate an adjustment for individual students on their group assignments, and I use a distinct Canvas assignment to give students the results of their team's survey and to adjust their individual scores for group assignments. The benefit to students is they see their peer-feedback survey results *and* the adjustment to individual scores in a distinct place on the Grades page. The problem now is that students who receive a zero (some groups function well) or a negative score also see the MISSING label, and there is no submission for this assignment.


    Grade labels should be changed so that the MISSING label does not apply to assignments with a point value of zero. 


    Comments from Instructure


    The work on late and missing policies in September and December made it possible to manually remove a missing label from an assignment.  You can read more about these updates in the following releases