Share Arc Video Privately with Students Within a Course

Idea created by Glen Gummess on Aug 3, 2017
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    The ability to share a video with a student privately already exists, but it seems to be convoluted.  The instructor may 

    1. Access the course's "Arc Media Library"
    2. Add a video.
    3. After the video appears there is no way to share it with a student at that point.
    4. The instructor has to click "My Uploads" to see the video, and share it with the student (with editing rights).  
    5. The instructor may then click that just-shared video and make comments on it that only the student will see.  


    Later, the student can access the video under "Shared With Me" and read comments, as well as reply to instructor's comments .  


    Still later, though, the instructor may

    1. Go the course.
    2. Click the course's Arc Media Library.
    3. Click the video, and not see any comments made on the video by him/herself or by the student. 
    4. The instructor has to return to "My Uploads" to access the video and see the comments.  


    What I am suggesting is this:  

    Enable the video uploaded to the course to have a Share command at the course level (and eliminate the step of having to go to My Uploads).  The instructor, I feel, should be able to click on that video from the Arc Media Library of that course and see comments.  


    Thank you for your consideration,


    Glen Gummess

    Academic Technology

    University of St. Francis

    Joliet, IL