Version history [ or ] time-limited discussion reply edits

Idea created by Lisa Johnson, PhD on Aug 10, 2017
    Open for Voting

    When edits are made to discussion posts, the ability to access prior versions of the post is needed. This function is needed in the actual discussion for all AND for graders when viewing in the Speedgrader tool.



    1. Instructors that want to allow students editing rights for minor revisions to replies (e.g, for Mechanics/Written Communication-style edits for spelling, grammar, punctuation, citation formats, etc.) are unable to do so given the current edit-post function does not retain access to prior versions of replies.
      1. When students make significant edits to a reply it can cause disruption to the flow and coherence of the conversation.
      2. When students revise posts and remove offensive or other content that violates community/classroom standards, no record is available due to not having access to prior reply versions.
      3. Feature also prevents students from posting a one word / minimal reply to meet a quantity-posting deadline (or instructor, for that matter) and returning later to expand their post to meet quality-posting expectations. 

    2. There is an argument from a curriculum/course-development perspective: if students publish an initial reply as a draft of a final product then the instructor provides feedback (privately or by replying and referencing version #s of the post) and then the student updates the post again or multiple times, access to an enumerated version history offers opportunity for a single-work-space/grade-associated area for the summative/final deliverable with a single record of progress for the learner. Less for course-builders to develop and less for student and instructor to "manage" in a course. 

    3. Competitor LMSs already have post edit version viewing functionality.
      1. If a wiki-like functionality for post version histories cannot be developed, perhaps a time-limitation could be developed so that no editing can occur by students after a 5 minute window following the time stamp of the  initial post (i..e, option not available after 5 minutes). This could deter significant revisions/additions from occurring, at least, or mimicking/copying other students' ideas if the discussions are set to only show other replies once an initial/new "reply" is made. 


    Adapted from the question asked in community ["What is the method for viewing all edits to a discussion post/reply?"] on August 10. In reply, Kona Jones recommended posting here.