HTMl tel links (phone links)

Idea created by Don Bryn on Aug 11, 2017
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Don Bryn
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Linnea Thompson
    • Bradley Wall

    HTML tel links should NOT be wiped when Canvas scrubs edits.

    virtually 100% of my students access their courses on their phones for most activities except completing assignments.  There is no reason tel links should be wiped from pages, syllabi, assignments, etc. . .  If they look at the syllabus to find the tech support number, they should be able to just click the link and make the call.   Even desktop computers now often have a method for contacting a phone number.

    Smartphones have been round for a few years now, so this wiping is obviously very old.  It definitely needs to be updated for say. . . 2011 (It's currently 2017).