Useful File Names and Updates

Idea created by David M. Bastedo on Aug 11, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Kerry McLoughlin
    • Romana  Pires
    • David M. Bastedo
    • Jeremiah Gilbert
    • T.L. Brink
    • Lisa Henkle
    • Trinette Barrie

    Let's have a way to rename files so that they are useful to students and to instructors.  Useful file name descriptions and my own personal abbreviated file names are very different.  I have many, many files that I use with students.  I label them for myself with an abbreviated topic term and a version number or date.  These names are not useful for students when they view them in pages.  They appear very cryptic.  If I rename them in Canvas then it will be easy for the student to recognize the file, but will be very difficult for me later to know what version of a file I uploaded since I can no longer see the original name.  Rather than renaming the file, could instructors provide an alias name for the file that the students would see?  The file list would show the alias and the original file name for the instructor and the student would only see the alias on a page.

    A secondary need (that would totally harmonize with this change) would be to make the alias the placeholder for the file wherever it appears in Canvas.  Then create a way to update the version of the file from time to time in the file list.  This way the page look would not have to be edited by the instructor every time a new version of a file was created. Ti would save so much time if the instructor just updated the file in a single effort rather than uploading a new file, renaming it, and then having to edit any and all pages that contain that file.  The "gear" menu in the files area could include "update this file".  The new file would replace the old file while the alias would remain the link on the page to whatever file it referred to.