Allow Students to be in more than 1 group in the same group set

Idea created by Gregory Beaver on Aug 20, 2017
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    • Cynthia Govreau
    • Gregory Beaver
    • Rob Ditto
    • Liz Heathcote
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Cynthia Hollingsworth
    • Emma Yench

    I teach a course (chamber music) that contains several small groups. Each group operates independently, and students are allowed to be in up to 2 groups.


    Currently, students are only allowed to be in 1 group per group set.


    I have created 2 group sets to solve this, one called "Chamber Groups" and the other "Chamber Groups (2nd groups)" which allows me to solve the group assignment problem by creating 2 assignments, one for each group set.


    However, I can't solve the problem of the scheduler. I need to set aside a series of sign-up times where groups can sign up mid-semester to play 10 minutes of their piece. If I use 2 scheduler sets, it restricts the times more than I would like (I have to set up the times so they don't conflict, but it means that groups in the 2nd set don't have access to times that might work for them)


    Creating duplicate sets of each assignment and scheduler is clunky. There should be an option, disabled by default, that allows us to schedule students into more than 1 group in the same group set.