Granting access to SOME canvas content to prospective students and others

Idea created by Rolfe Petschek on Aug 23, 2017
    • Rolfe Petschek

    In addition to current students, I have a number of constituencies for class content: mostly prospective students but also - though this is less common - persons not in the class who assist students and parents.  Having the possibility of making some class content available to these other constituencies would be helpful.  Prospective Students reasonably might want to see a syllabus or details of class policies, for the current and possibly several past terms / different instructors.  Instructors reasonably keep other parts of their content - such as problem sets - private, although I (at least) would like to grant access to prospective students to "example" problem sets.   In my class there are video-taped performances that I would like make available to outside advisers and students sometimes want to share with family.  Therefore I would like it if I, or a local canvas administrator at the request of my department, school or university, could grant access parts of my Canvas courses.  I would also like for an instructor to grant permission to students to grant chosen others access to parts of my Canvas course e.g. to class performances.  Probably, an instructor should also be able to grant "permission granting" privileges to TA's or similar.


    There are work-arounds for all these tasks, but doing it through Canvas would seem better.  My university can collect and publish syllabi, but that is laborious and most students don't know where to find them.  And, they remove much http like navigation when they do this, and the syllabus is never for this term.  If there were a "prospective course" button in Canvas for open CURRENT syllabi, that would be more effective and less labor.  I can post video performances privately to the web and separately grant access to them, as for any other document I want to share with non-students as well as students.  This is somewhat more burdensome for all - even relatively tech-savvy instructors -, more subject to error, and I know my way has a security "hole".