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Idea created by Sami Hanes on Aug 25, 2017
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    I need to see how many people watched a specific video each week on my course.  If I am looking at Video 1 viewers, it shows 15 total people viewed (which is great!).  Week 2 rolls around, and when I click insights on Video 2, it shows 20 people viewed - but it doesn't show me only the people who viewed Video 2 - it shows me all of the people who've watched anything on Arc. I then have to click on each individual person to see if they viewed or did not view Video 2. It adds such a long process. In the Canvas Arc Promo Video, it shows this -- however, on the actual Canvas it does not. I think it would be a helpful addition to Canvas for all and it would surely make my job 10x faster and more efficient! 


    p.s. I started a thread posing this question as well and nobody was able to provide a solution.