Change the quill icon to a pencil icon for Compose a new message

Idea created by Erich Holtmann on Aug 30, 2017
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    In the Messages section of Canvas, the way to compose a new message is to click on the icon of a quill. Some students don't even know what a quill is. And several of my students though the quill icon was a picture of a leaf.


    A pencil is a standard icon on the web for "edit." Let's make the button easy to find by changing the quill to a pencil. (See attached files for examples.)



    Comments from Instructure

    Thank you to everyone that has commented and voted. We know this seems like a simple fix, and technically it is. The more difficult part of this conversation is agreement in design. Even this thread demonstrates how difficult that can be. We want you to know that we have brought this thread to the attention of our designers responsible for the icon set. We'll post here when we know more.