Quizzes.Next: Numerical answers need greater dynamic range

Idea created by Mark Hurwitz on Aug 30, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Thank you, Canvas, for deploying scientific notation in Numerical Answer questions. However, the system is rounding and truncating in a way that sets too many values to zero. For example, create a numerical question, and enter "1E-5" as one of the Exact Answers. Canvas will substitute zero for the answer. It is common in physics and chemistry for answers to be much smaller numbers than this. For example, the gravitational force between two humans separated by 1 meter is in the range 4E-7 Newtons. Other questions might yield answers much smaller than that, say in the range 1E-20 to 1E-30 (I would suggest a limit in the range of 1E-40 to 1E-50). Can Numerical Answer calculations be changed to double-precisions variables or whatever it takes? Thanks!