Canvas Teacher: Option to Hide Grading Tabs

Idea created by Champion on Aug 31, 2017
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


    TL;DR: The ability for users to hide the grading, comments, and files area so documents can be viewed in full screen when grading in the Teacher App. 


    The Teacher app currently doesn't give the ability to hide the grading, comments, and files area when using the app on an iPad in landscape or portrait mode. It would be helpful to temporarily hide this section so the user can have full-screen access to documents in SpeedGrader for annotations. 


    This is a current view on an iPad in portrait mode: 



    This view limits the usability of SpeedGrader, especially for annotations. 


    Comments from Instructure


    This was corrected for iPads with Canvas Teacher Release Notes (iOS 1.7) , but is not in the notes.