Push Notification Redirection

Idea created by Richard Zimmerman on Sep 5, 2017
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

    We have received feedback this year on the Canvas app and one of the requested features is appropriate redirection from a push notification.


    Often, students click the push notification, are directed to the course home page, and then do not know what they are looking for (because the notification is not easily retrievable). This leads to students missing assignments, discussion replies, due date changes, and more.


    The solution suggested is to have push notifications redirect to the specific part of a course the notification pertains to (e.g. if they receive a notification that the due date for Quiz 1 in course XYZ has changed, they should be taken to Quiz 1's page in course XYZ when they tap the notification).


    I apologize if this has already been submitted.


    Comments from Instructure


    This fix for this was not listed in the release notes, but it was fixed with the following releases.

    Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.0) 

    Canvas Student Release Notes (Android 6.0)